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What is mastering?

Your Sound Mastering is a newly started mastering-studio focusing on YOUR sound.

We are happy to offer our suggestions, our goal is for your music to sound the best it possibly can!

You have spent the last weeks, maybe months, perfecting your mixes, and it's time to share your masterpieces with the rest of the world!

To be sure that your vision is what the audience out there hears, it's a great idea, and most often a necessity to get your music professionally mastered.

The mastering process assists in getting the best possible EQ balance and make sure the dynamic range and level is appropriate for the medium to be used (CD, streaming, etc)

A properly done master can be compared to the frame of a great painting.

The artist has spent months perfecting his vision, probably made a lot of sketches before arriving that the final artwork.

This is directly comparable to a music production.

The mastering is the "framing" part of the production. It has a hugely important function, it should draw the listener in towards the music being presented without attracting attention to itself, it should complement the music and make it shine and stand out as intended by the artist/producer.

Mastering is also "office work", like Meta data, ISRC, EAN/UPC (codes to make sure your pieces are correctly registered when played on the radio or otherwise.

Your Sound Mastering assists with all of this.

We produce masters at the optimal levels for all streaming services, as well as CD production.


Contact us for an offer today!

About Your Sound Mastering

Your Sound Mastering is run by Norwegian bassist Frode Berg.

Frode has an incredibly diverse musical background through his work at the highest professional level in Norway and Europe in jazz, pop&rock, classical, blues, funk and soul.

He has performed with stars as diverse as Paul McCartney, Phil Woods,Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvær, Anne Sohie Mutter, Luciano Pavarotti, Donna Summer as well as hundreds of other international and national artists.

He has appeared on hundreds of recordings. TV and radio shows in Norway as well as abroad.

Currently he holds a permanent position with the Oslo Philharmonic Orhestra, a major European symphony orchestra with extensive recording and touring.

All this diverse experience has fine tuned his ears for mastering music to perfection.



Your Sound Mastering primarily offers mastering for CD and streaming, but we can also offer our services for other formats. Please send us a request!

Big Dipper mastering masters "hybridly", meaning the process is digital within the workstation for surgical processes and limiting, but we go out to analog for colour and character, and off course the "W" word, warmth..
The mastering DAW is Steinbergs Wavelab professional 10 , as well as a carefully selected collection of mastering plugins from fabfilter, Brainworx and others.

External gear is top of the line components such as Manley Massive Passive Mastering version EQ, Dangerous Compressor, TubeTech SMC-2b multiband comp.

Prism converters of the highest quality available ensure pristine soundquality all the way to your finished masters.

Files will be accepted via Dropbox, preferably in 48khz 24 bit wav files, but other formats are also welcome, please send us a request.

Mastered files are provided with any requested metadata and codes via Dropbox as wav files in the format you request, and finished CD projects will be delivered with all necessary codes and tags through DDP files ready to be sent to the pressing plant.

Your Sound Mastering will of course encode the relevant metadata, such as ISRC and EAN/UPC.


Contact us

Phone:+47 932 55 100


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